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Naturepedic Organic Full Size Waterproof Flat Mattress Pad

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Protecting your mattress is essential to prolonging the life of it, especially when you have little ones in the house. With the help of this Naturepedic Organic Full Size Waterproof Flat Mattress Pad, you can keep your little one's mattress safe from any leaks, spills or stains. It is made out of an organic cotton fabric that delivers maximum comfort and flexibility on both the top and the bottom, while it has a waterproof barrier in the center that is designed to protect the mattress underneath.

The DrySleep technology blocks any liquids from penetrating the mattress pad, while allowing the material to breathe. Because some of the water vapor can escape, your child will get a better night's rest. The mattress pad also helps block out any dust mites or other allergens that might irritate your child's skin. When you need to wash the pad, you can simply throw it in your washer.

Naturepedic Organic Full Size Waterproof Flat Mattress Pad

Waterproof, Soft and Breathable
Provides a soft, non-sweaty and comfortable waterproof barrier (as compared to vinyl and rubber). Also blocks dust-mites and other allergens.

100% Organic Cotton Fabric - Top and Bottom Layers

Ultra-Thin Waterproof Membrane In Center
Features DrySleep™ technology, which effectively blocks liquids from passing through while still allowing the fabric to “breathe.” Some water vapor is allowed to escape resulting in less “sweaty backs” and a drier, more comfortable sleep. It provides an excellent alternative to vinyl and latex rubber.

Alternative Design
NO Vinyl / PVC
NO Phthalates
NO Latex (for allergy concerns)

Machine Wash & Dry

Full w/Straps - 53" x 75"

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