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NUNA Pipa Lite Infant Car Seat Fog with Base

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  • NUNA Pipa Lite Fog Lightest Infant Car Seat with Base

    Welcoming a new addition to your family is an exciting milestone. Raising a child requires preparation, investment and lots of energy. The Danish designers at NUNA, craft stylish, eco-friendly and ergonomic infant accessories to help parents. The NUNA Pipa Lite Fog is the lightest, infant car seat available on the market.

    The NUNA car seat is a featherweight at just 5.3 pounds, but every ounce of the weight is utilized to protect your little one from additives, toxins, accidental impact and a lack of style. NUNA packed the Lite Fog seat with trademarked materials to separate NUNA above all competitors.

    The NUNA seat features Aeroflex Foam. The advanced technology of Aeroflex Foam protects infants in the event of an accident by lessening the impact on a child. The force is directed from the baby, and expends the shock away from the child.

    The NUNA Pipa Lite Fog seats' aerospace aluminum, reinforced steel and featherweight fabrics are used to construct the seat through a proprietary, crafted procedure. Aeroflex is cutting edge technology blending with the vanguard of materials to ensure the safety of your baby.

    These one of a kind materials include a steel reinforced system that's swift, simple and safe. The NUNA Pipa seat features a steel stability leg to reduce the seat from turning away from the rear of the vehicle. The reinforced steel bar protects your bundle of joy with more security against an impact.

    The True Lock latch is 50 percent stronger than your car's seat belt. Positioning the NUNA Pipa Lite Fog Car Seat to face the rear is a breeze to install within 5 seconds. The car seat carries easily and weighs less than most newborn babies.

    The NUNA Pipa car seat includes easy to read, color installation indicators. The indicators show the correct position of the car seat. The indicators reduce the likelihood of an incorrect placement.

    The five point harness keeps your infant secure. The seat is custom and grows with your baby. It's also compatible with all NUNA strollers. The micro knit fabric and Aeroflex Foam combine to create a cushy and comfy headrest for your little one.

    NUNA carefully curates the materials used in their products. All materials meet both US and European regulations. The fabrics and textiles of a NUNA Pipa Lite Fog car seat are constructed with Leaf certified organics:

      • Dye inserts
      • Harness covers
      • Crotch cover
      • Pipa base
      • Latch guides

    NUNA high-grade materials meet the global organic textile standard (GOTS) and feature Oeko-Tex certifications, while the trade marked foam meets all European and U.S. standards.

    The innovators at NUNA make baby accessories to take some of the work out of being a parent. Dually, protecting the earth while protecting children from additives and impacts. NUNA's featherweight fabrics, Aeroflex Foam and advanced plastics are constructed to be fire resistant and free of fire retardant chemicals.

    Always refer to the manual for installation instructions, material content and other important details. This is a commercial description and isn't to be used in place of the product's guide.

  • Easy to Clean

    Seat Pad:

    machine wash in cold water, delicate cycle, drip dry, do not tumble dry, do not iron, do not dry clean, do not bleach 

    Plastic, Handle and Harness:

    use mild detergent, water and soft cloth, air dry


    rinse using warm water, do not use any soaps, solvents or lubricants, air dry
  • 4 to 32 lbs, and up to 32 in

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