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Perego Siesta Feeding High Chair Ice

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Perego Siesta Feeding High Chair Arancia

The Perego Siesta Feeding High Chair Ice is multifaceted, compact and will grow with your child’s needs. From the moment your child is born, the Siesta can be used for a variety of activities, including eating or relaxing. The removable tray and multiple height positions make clean up quick and allow children to sit where they feel most comfortable. The Siesta follows your child from birth to the toddler years with its adjustable nature. As a recliner, it can be used as a simple seat and as your child grows, it offers multiple recline and height adjustments to keep your child comfortable when eating or relaxing. You can have your child join you for dinner at the table due to the many different setting and you can quickly move around the house with the Siestas wheels that are soft on floors, with automatic locking to keep your child safe. When it comes to clean up, it easily folds into a slimmed down version that can be carried around with ease. The removable tray can be easily cleaned in the sink and the fabric can be simply wiped down with a damp washcloth. With its trendy design that comes in five vibrant colors, the Siesta is a perfect purchase for those looking for a comfortable, easy to clean up chair that won’t look out of place in the dining room.

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