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Saranomi Lush Satin Back Blanket

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Saranomi Lush Satin Back Blanket

Swaddle your sweet baby in luxurious softness with the Ivory Lush Satin Back blanket. Plush microfiber touches their baby skin gently, and the smooth satin feels silky and sleek. Allow your little one to discover different sensations on each side of this lovingly created blanket. Babies love to be held close - find emotional and physical comfort together, wrapped in a luxury blanket. The soft, fluffy, touchable softness is created to be durable and easy-washing, giving you many many days of sweet togetherness. Every part of the blanket has been considered, from thread to dye, to give the perfect feel of love. This blanket comes in two sizes: the receiving measures 30" x 40" - large enough for babies and infants in their first several years, while the mini measures 15" x 20" - perfect for little hands to grasp. To preserve the ultimate softness, machine wash cold, gentle cycle, no bleach or fabric softener.

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