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Sealy Naturals Cotton Crib Mattress Pad

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Sealy Naturals Cotton Crib Mattress Pad Description

Cover your child’s mattress with this comfortable and absorbent Sealy Naturals Cotton Crib Mattress Pad. This pad provides an added layer of softness for quality sleep and it protects the mattress underneath from accidents to keep the mattress clean and sanitary, and to help you get your money’s worth by making it last longer. This pad is a smart choice if you have a mattress that is not comfortable enough or doesn’t include a waterproof cover, or if you want to provide extra protection to a superior mattress to extend the life of your investment. 
This mattress pad is filled with 100 percent ingeo, which is an environmentally friendly and sustainable fiber made from plant materials. The ingeo is covered with 100 percent cotton on the top and bottom, for a natural mattress pad you can feel good about for the environment, your home and your baby. These natural materials are soft, strong and green. 
The cotton has a 300 thread count for comfort and softness, and the pad is quilted with thread stitching to help it maintain its shape. The SnugFit deep pocketed Spandex blend skirt keeps the pad in place on a standard crib mattress to continuously provide the protection and coverage you’re looking for. The materials are hypoallergenic, making the crib healthy for your baby. It is also free of harmful phthalates. 
This pad is preshrunk and strengthened before coming to your home to keep it in its condition and shape as long as possible. You can easily clean it in the washing machine and put it in the dryer, plus it’s white so you can bleach it if it becomes stained from baby messes. This pad generally fits a U.S. toddler bed and mattress and a standard crib mattress with its 52 x 28 x 0.5 inch size. Order one to cover and protect your baby mattress.

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Sealy Naturals Cotton Baby Crib Mattress Pad

  • An innovative mattress pad made of 100% cotton and 100% Ingeo fiber fill- a sustainable material made from corn
  • 100% cotton top and bottom provides superior feel and absorbency
  • 100% Ingeo fill provides natural comfort
  • Inego is a renewable resource and environmentally friendly material made from corn
  • 300 thread count and thread stitched quilting for lasting durability
  • SnugFit deep pocketed spandex blend skirt prevents sliding and shifting
  • Preshrunk pad, strengthened and cleaned for lasting use without additional dyes
  • Mattress Pad is Hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly
  • Fits standard crib mattresses and toddler beds


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