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Short Stack Jack Carseat SideKick

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Side kick Child Car Seat Strap Holders

Imagine this:

You are laying your toddler down in their car seat, ready to strap them in, when suddenly you notice that there are seat belt buckles underneath them. Therefore, you must lift your baby to get to those necessary straps, thus awakening them and causing a stir. You only want to get going, maybe to the store to buy milk, but this simple trip is now a nightmare!


Tired of the struggle?

Then look no more! Its time to invest in something new for your infant. With its magnetic straps, the Short Stack Jack Carseat Sidekick comes with a brightly colored, magnetic ball set that is snug enough to please your infant while keeping them safe during travel time. Whether you are going out of town, or making a simple trip to your local store, your tiny one will remain out of harm's way for as long as needed! Even unbuckling them is a breeze. There is no need to look for a button. All you need to do is gently pull the magnetic straps apart to free your little one.

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What is the Carseat Sidekick

The Story of the Car Seat Side Kick

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