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Boon Sprig Counter Top Drying Rack

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Boon Sprig Counter Top Drying Rack

For the kitchens that are overcome with a bountiful amount of baby bottles, SPRIG’s drying rack will tidy up the terrible mess. This bottle drying rack can hold up to six bottles at one time which is perfect for when your baby’s bottles seem to be getting the best of you. The excess water collects in the bottom tray and comes apart easily so it can be cleaned and stored. This bottle holder will help you win the war against bottles being everywhere in your kitchen.It has a lot of features that make this bottle holder fantastic.

Details and Features:

The features of this drying rack are:

  • It is just right for drying items of all sizes.

  • It easily holds items upright for drying and is compact.

  • The bottom tray comes off and collects the excess water.

  • It can store up to eight bottles.

  • The sprigs are removable to allow for easy cleaning and storage

  • It is made without BPA or PVC.

This Sprig Counter Drying Rack is super for anyone that cares for little ones from parents to daycare providers. It will provide them with a clean and efficient way to store baby bottles.


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