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Trend Lab Waverly Pom Pom Play 3 Pack Jumbo Burp Cloth Set

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Not only are these stylish and colorful burp cloths so pretty, but they are also very efficient at cleaning up messes. With over 20" in length, you will make sure that even the worst messes will not get onto your arm.

It comes in a wide variety of designs and includes floral prints and Panama Wave chevron prints. The waves have the perfect medley of blue, pink, gray, orange, and red that will stimulate your senses.

The printed cotton center give it an additional amount of absorption that is suited for the typical messes from a baby. Pack this cloth on the go and you will love how it can take care of surprises when you are out with your baby. The other cloth is a minimal pink background with a spare white-dotted pattern. The floral design has white petals with a red interior and light-blue petals in the background.

Don't settle for cheap or undersized clothes. Only these cloths will give you the coverage and absorption that only mothers with a newborn would appreciate.

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