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UPPAbaby Vista Cup Holder

UPPAbaby Vista Cup Holder

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Cup and Bottle Holder for Uppa Baby Strollers

 Sometimes things can get really messy. And by messy, we mean things can spill all over the place. Also you are much aware that babies are king of messes; that’s what makes them so darn cute. With this in mind, you’re going to need a product that will help with some of that. The UPPAbaby Vista Cup Holder is a really great product to have. And we’re not just saying that so you’ll buy it, instead we will prove to you this is a product that will help you out more than you know. We’ll go over some things.
You’d have a lot of issues if you were out somewhere and you didn’t have a cup holder. Cup holders are more important than you know. You use them and your baby should as well. All this being said, you can have your drink or your baby’s in the cup holder. It supports various sizes: small, medium and large. The design makes it very flexible. Meaning it’ll foldup with your Vista products. This product is long-lasting and should make for an even better cup holder than ones for adults. It’s worth the price too. With UPPA, you cannot go wrong. 
 (Next we will be taking a look at specs. These are used for general purposes.) Stroller can fold with cup holder attached. Can be easily attached on either side of the stroller. Fits Vista and Cruz strollers. Sturdy construction designed to compliment the UPPA Baby Snack Tray.


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