BabySupermarket’s word of the week is Car Seat.

Car seats are a must have when you have a baby.  You can not leave the hospital with a baby unless you have one.  Do you know when car seats were invented?  Car Seats actually  started being manufactured in the 1930’s, but the purpose was not for safety merely for boosting the child up so the driver could see them when riding in the car.  It wasn’t until the 1960’s that car seats were manufactured with the safety of the child in mind.

Early Car Seat Designs In 1962, two different designed car seats appeared.  One in the U.S., which was designed by  an Aurora, Colorado business owner Lenard Rivikin and the other  by Jean Ames of  Britain  who designed a rear-facing car seat.  Lenard Rivkin decided after a minor crash,  which sent  his 3 year told to the dash-board of his car that canvas sacks hanging over the  passenger  seat of the car just were no longer safe.  He derived his design from a L shaped  steel seat  that kept the child buckled in.  Ames had a little different idea with his design, which was a rear-facing seat that had a Y-shaped strapping system.

Combi Coccoro Car Seat

Both of these designers helped bring to life to a problem and gave birth to a solution.  Now in the U.S. there are laws dealing with child safety restraints in cars.  There are over 100 different car seats on the market today.  All offering different features to keeping your bundle of joy safe.

Things to keep in mind when shopping for one is the age and weight of your child, the safety of the seat, and which seat best fits your child.   The safest seat is not only the seat that fits your child but fits your car.  These factors are never considered when researching the purchase of your car seat.   Buying used car seats are frowned upon in the retail world.  Reasons are all child safety seats have an expiration date, car seats that have been involved in car accidents are unstable and some manufactured car seat have been recalled.  Be aware of those things when buying a used car seat.  Remember the car seat is what you are relying on to carry your precious cargo in the car make sure it is the right seat for you child and it is properly installed.  If you have questions call your nearest retail store or come by to visit their trained specialist.


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