Collection: Maternity Body Pillows

Getting comfortable is difficult when you're pregnant. Getting comfortable in the bed when you're pregnant is even more difficult.

Pregnancy body pillows from Baby Supermarket are here to make the expecting mommy in your life more comfy. We offer a variety of pillows to support your back, knees, and growing belly. From smaller partial support pillows to full maternity body support pillows, we have what you need to get more comfortable in bed when you're expecting. During pregnancy, a woman's body takes on a lot of extra work and is reshaped. Body support pillows provide additional support for areas that don't normally need it. A shaped body pillow between the knees can help relieve pressure on the lower back. The same contoured maternity pillow can add soft support for a mommy's tummy which can relieve pressure on the ribs and spine. And it's never too early to start using a maternity body pillow. These pillows make great gifts for newly expecting moms and are a great way to say congratulations on beginning the journey into motherhood.