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The Original Boppy Spice Woodland

The Original Boppy Spice Woodland

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The Original Boppy Spice Woodland

Welcome to a new level of comfort and style as you nurture the bond with your baby. The Original Boppy Spice Woodland Nursing Pillow, thoughtfully designed by a mom, brings an unmatched blend of functionality and ease to your feeding routine.

Comfort Designed for You and Baby

Made with a soft blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, this nursing pillow respects your skin's need for gentle touch, while the 80% polyester and 20% cotton inner fabric ensures durability and resilience. Our Boppy Pillow is uniquely crafted to give you and your baby the support you both deserve during feedings. Say goodbye to the strain on your arms and back with our pillow that expertly lifts your baby to a more ergonomic position whether you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

Versatility in Every Cuddle

Understanding that every mother and baby pair is unique, we've embraced a versatile C-shaped design that adapts to various feeding styles—cradle, cross cradle, football hold, and more. The shape and firmness offer stability and support for your baby, making feeding a serene moment for bonding.

Effortless Maintenance

Because we know that parenting comes with its messy moments, we've ensured the Boppy Pillow is as easy to care for as it is to use. Both machine washable and dryable, it's ready to face any spill or dribble, making cleanup a breeze and ensuring it's fresh for every snuggle and feed.

Personalize Your Nursing Experience

The Spice Woodland Boppy Pillow arrives with a whimsically removable cover. However, life isn't just about one style or one mood, so we offer a range of covers sold separately to suit your personality or decor. Switching up your look is as simple as a quick change, meaning you'll never be without your Boppy on laundry day.

Safety in Every Moment

At Boppy, we prioritize your baby's safety as much as their comfort. This pillow is designed for your baby's adult-supervised awake-time for feeding and lively interaction, not for sleep. Enjoy the moments of wakefulness with a product built for enriching those very awake-time interactions.

Elevate the nurturing moments with The Original Boppy Spice Woodland Nursing Pillow—where comfort and connection flourish.