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Preschoolers need constant action and intellectual stimulation. At Baby Supermarket, we offer a curated selection of the best toys for preschool age children. 

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Bright colors, textures, sounds, and discovery will help promote cognitive development and problem solving skills. Your child can go on a dinosaur dig, play house, build a castle, or experience a truly classic toy reminiscent of your own childhood. Your children will enjoy hours of creative play with their friends, siblings, and neighbors and can transport themselves via imagination to anywhere in the universe. A crawling tunnel might become a log for a brown bear. A play tent might become the post office from which your little one delivers the mail. A dig kit might become a pirate's hunt for a lost treasure. Where ever your preschooler's imagination goes, we have the toys that will enhance their creativity and playtime experience. Children's best memories are made during play and the classic toys that are so nostalgic for you will one day be the toys your child remembers.