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Costumes and Role Play

Imagination is an essential part of childhood. And what better way to promote active, creative play than through costumes and role playing? Your child will love dressing up in child-sized scrubs to practice medicine on his or her stuffed toys and dolls.

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Little fire fighters will want to save kittens from trees and put out imaginary flames. Pilots will soar high above the earth in imaginary biplanes, jets, or fighter planes while young astronauts will climb even higher and cruise through the galaxy in imaginary rocket ships. The sky really is the limit when it comes to dress up and role play. While these dress up sets are great for Halloween, they can also be enjoyed year round. So the next time your little soldier wants to practice drills in the backyard, make sure that he or she has the right camo for the job. Who knows what imaginative play might inspire your child to become as an adult? Let your little one explore becoming a surgeon, a soldier, an astronaut, or whatever he or she dreams. Baby Supermarket can help with the costumes. Your child's imagination will do the rest.