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Casdon Toys Kenwood Mixer

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Casdon Toys Kenwood Mixer

When your little one wants to emulate grownups, the Casdon Toys Kenwood Mixer is the perfect choice. Every detail of it reflects life, making your kids feel like adults before their time. Before you know it, your child will feel like they have turned into a gourmet chef. At the same time, they are learning valuable skills that will help them throughout life.

The benefits of this toy mixer are:

    • Your children will develop the social skills they need to succeed and thrive. By engaging in such realistic role play they will be able to explore their imaginations like never before
    • The cooking functions are all real so your children will feel like they are in charge of the kitchen. They will feel as accomplished as any adult chef
    • Hand eye coordination can be developed using this mixer
    • The included accessories help teach your little one problem valuable solving skills
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