What You Must Know before Buying A Stroller

Having a stroller makes getting around with your new little one so much easier. While there are times you'll want to have your baby close by, having a stroller helps take some of the physical stress off of your body while giving you some added transport space for diapers, food and other items. Whether this is your first child or you're buying a stroller for a loved one, there are important facts you need to know before selecting a stroller. This not only helps keep the child safe but it helps improve the user experience all around.

The Kinds of Strollers

So what kind of strollers are there? There are a handful of baby stroller designs you can break this category down into, including:

  • Standard
  • Car Seat
  • Lightweight
  • Jogging Stroller
  • Travel System


This is the traditional stroller. Most strollers fall under this category. It usually provides excellent storage with a comfortable seat with larger wheels which improves how sturdy the stroller is. A handful of designs even offer a bassinet feature which you can use to take your infant for a walk while they face you. Some parents swear by this when trying to put their child to sleep as the movement of the stroller can prove to be relaxing to them.

Car Seat Frame Stroller

Taking a child out of their stroller and fastening them into a car seat is often a hassle, especially if they are already asleep. The car seat frame makes it possible to snap the seat out of the stroller and fit perfectly into an adapter base inside the vehicle. This kind of a stroller is very similar to the standard design, yet there are some lighter weight designs offered.

Lightweight Stroller

These are perfect for leaving in the trunk of your car. It folds up quickly and can weigh around 10 pounds. You should not use this kind of stroller until close to a year of age as it doesn't have the seat adapters or extended support for the child. When you want something light, it's hard to beat this.

Jogging Stroller

Looking to get your figure back after giving birth? Why not use the weight of your child to help? With a jogging stroller you'll have an easier time speed walking or jogging. It is a tricycle design, which gives you better steering. The larger wheels also provide shock absorption assistance so your baby doesn't have the kind of impact on bumps a traditional stroller produces.

Travel System

On the go a good deal with baby? Look to a travel system stroller. Look for a quality stroller and also consider using this as a secondary stroller because build quality isn't often as high as other designs. When planning a trip though, it offers support for your child while reducing the weight and making it easy to move with. Now, if you already have a lightweight system, you may not need this, although some travel systems do come with an on the go car seat feature for when riding in a cab or other transport vehicle.

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