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Ergo Baby 360 Four Position Infant Carrier

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Details of Ergo Baby 360 Four Position Infant Carrier

The 360 baby carrier offers four positions that are ergonomic and comfortable for anyone wearing the carrier. You can use it as a back carry, front inward, front outward and hip carry positions. It has been acknowledged as one of the hip healthy products on the market today by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. The carriers are ergonomic, comfortable and safe for your little one’s hips.


Four Positions

For the first time ever, Ergobaby provides parents with the ability to choose from one of four different ways to carry their little one around.

Maximum Comfort for Parents

The new supportive waistband and padded straps for your shoulders deliver comfort and make sure your little one’s weight is evenly distributed.

Proper Ergonomics and Comfort for Your Little One

The unique and structured bucket seat allows your little one to sit in an ergonomic frog-leg, seated position with their spine in a “C” position.

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Weight Range

Babies ranging from seven pounds on up to 33 pounds can fit comfortably in the carrier. The infant insert allows you to easily surrounding your 7-12 pound baby comfortably.Purchase Easy Snug Infant Insert here.

Structured Bucket Seat

Your little one will remain ergonomically seated in one of four positions, with their knees even or above your hips and their spine in a “C” position. The button adjustments allow parents to adapt the width of the seat to the baby’s position and size.

Velcro Waistband

The comfortable waistband can either be worn higher or lower on the waist based on your individual preference and delivers added support for your lower back.

Extendable Back Panel

You can roll the carrier down for a front-outward, inward or upward facing position to deliver added neck, head and back support.

Padded Shoulder Straps

The padded straps help distribute the baby’s weight evenly to deliver maximum comfort.

Sleeping Hood

Support the baby’s head while they sleep, protect it from the sun and add privacy when it comes time to nurse. This is one of the favorite features by parents.

Machine washable and made from 100% cotton.



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