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About Little Sister Babble Baby Doll

This Little Sister is ready to sound off! She may not be able to use her words yet, but with over 80 sounds like giggling and cooing, this adorable 14-inch Babblebaby™ Little Sister with blue sleep eyes provides hours of entertainment for her big sibling. With soft vinyl head, hands, and feet, Little Sister is the perfect size for little hands. Little Sister is dressed in a striped onesie with matching hat. Your child will enjoy hours of interactive fun loving and caring for her newest baby doll. SKU 72065.

This very attractive baby doll collection with sleepy blue eyes has become a darling for many little girls all over the world. They are '14' with a soft flexible plastic body. They are specially made to babble and can produce over eighty baby sounds if talked to, though they are not yet talking comprehensibly. Little girls of ages three and above will really enjoy their company. They are wearing pink and white stripped leggings with a white knit dress on the torso and pink polka dots below. Also wear a hot pink headband with matching fine netting. They are both cute and adorable. They are definitely every little girl's dream come true.


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