Collection: Baby Bogg Bags

 Baby Bogg Bag (small tote 15x13x5.25)

The Original Small Baby Bogg Bag is suited for a day trip or a night out. The future of fashion and function for mom and baby is tip-proof, washable, and durable. Spacious and sturdy, the Baby Bogg Bag Blushing can safely store standing bottles or clothes. No need to worry about spills. The Bogg Bag is also washable. Just dust off. Then rinse, and you are off to your next adventure!

Mom invented it, as well as the family designed it. Your hunt is over. Bogg Bag is the ideal family bag for trips to the pool, boat, beach, shopping, and work. 
The small Baby Bogg dimensions are only 15x13x5.25, making it smaller than the ORIGINAL Large BOGG BAG. The tote can hold a towel, snacks, suntan lotion, and other items, books, or a laptop. INCLUDES 1 clear accessory bag that fits on the inside or outside of the bag to keep smaller items close at hand.
Tip-Safe (Stands on its own) Strong sides, long-lasting EVA material, a non-slip treaded bottom, and soft shoulder straps. Maintenance-free. is your authorized dealer.