Collection: Baby Loren (Baby Bliss) Pima Cotton Apparel

Baby Loren (Baby Bliss) Pima Cotton Apparel

In Baby Loren's collection, the look was based on a classic and timeless one. There are a lot of cute clothes for babies and kids at Baby Loren.

They are made of good quality fabrics and have great designs. Hand-embroidery, hand-smocking, and unique prints are some of the things that make a piece heirloom-quality.
Baby Loren makes clothes that are fun, playful, and easy to wear. Every piece is made with the softest Peruvian Pima cotton that can be found.
This isn't just because of the materials used, but also because each piece is hand-made and unique, making it even more special.
100% Peruvian Pima Cotton is very popular all over the world. The silky-soft feel is because of the great growing conditions in the northern coastal valleys of Peru where it is grown.
It's great to have you here. Every season, Baby Loren adds new styles to our classic baby and children's clothes. 

Shop Baby Bliss newborn, infant and children's clothing. Exclusive designs made in Peru of 100% Pima Cotton. Free Shipping Available.