Collection: Bogg Bags Original Bogg Bag The Perfect Tote

The Original Bogg Bag is large enough for family outings at the beach and stylish enough for a weekend out with the girls.
You can bring the Bogg bag along with you on many adventures with confidence due to its sturdy design that is tip- proof, washable, and durable. 19" x 15" x 9.5" is available in many fun colors. The capacity is large enought that you can fit everything you need and you won't forget even the sunscreen. The Bogg Bag is washable, just simple wash off the sand from the beach and you are off to your next adventure! With the purchase of each original Bogg Bag you will get two clear insert bags. One large insert bag that is 9.5 " x 11.25 "x 2.5 ", perfect for cell phone, book, keys or even a 8 oz bottle of sunscreen. One small insert bag that is 5"x 7" x 1.5", just the size for change, ID, credit cards or chapstick. Simple snap the insert bags into any free hole of the Bogg Bag using the buttons on the back of the insert bags. You can even snap them on the outside of the bag to keep them at reach!