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The Boon Baby Company was started by a designer Rebecca Finnell. The company all started with just a messy toddler bathtub. Rebecca Finnell designed the Frog Pod. The Frog Pod was designed to scoop, store, and drain all the toys that a toddler plays with while bathing. The Frog Pod attaches to any bathtub, then there is a built-in shelf that is located behind the frog’s head, so shampoo, conditioner and soap can be stored with ease. A scoop is removable from the frog, so the parent can easily scoop up all the toys, but drain holes are added to the scoop, so all water is drained off the toys for easy storage. The frog’s toes and finger can hold on to wash cloths. The Frog Pod was the first step in the Boon Baby Company. Rebecca Finell wanted to solve other problems that parents was facing, so she got together with Ryan Fernandez and together they created the Boon Baby Company. The products that The Boon Baby Company offers include Fly Drying Rack, Platter Edgeless Plate, Petal Pouch storage, flatware, sippy cups, and a bath puzzle too. Everything that parents need a little help to make their lives easier when raising their children can be found at the Boon Baby Company. The Boon Baby Company products are safe and made with quality materials, so parents can rest assure that they products they purchase will last. The Boon Baby products are excellent from newborn on up in ages.All of Boon's Products are designed with baby and parent in mind by a superb team of dessigners. They are constantly finding answers for one question, how can we make families' lives better?click to learn more Since we are in modern times, Boon provides modern products that have the look and feel of now. The team at Boon has a revolutionary approach in helping you raise a baby with their innovative products. Products like the Fresh Baby Changing Station, a game changer in changing diapers. How about the good looking unique Org Bottle Warmer? Boon is always problem solving. Example washing small bottle parts. The Clutch handles it. Or killer sippy cups that moms love. Baby will love frustration free eating with the Pulp silicone feeder. Do you want to know Boon's Top 10 must haves? They are the Grass drying rack, the Flair high chair, the Frog Pod bath toy holder, the Lawn drying rack, the Squirt feeding spoon, the Naked bath tub, Animal Bag storage bag, the Bug Pod bath toy holder, the Glo night light and at number 10 the Stem and Twig to use with the Lawn and Grass. With Boon you have the modern baby essentials.

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