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Details of Britax Travel System B Agile 3 with B Safe 35 Elite

If you have been worried about the safety of your baby when traveling to the extent of pushing forward planned trips, Britax Agile 3/ B Safe 35 Elite Travel System is here for you. It is designed to be the perfect baby comfort and safety travel system that will protect your child both in the car and outside environment. They are structured for parents who relish life on the go and need to keep their child safe while they engage in varied activities and commitments. The seat and stroller are comfortable and stylish to give your baby classy protection.

The Britax Agile 3 is a baby stroller that simply epitomizes the safety of your child not to mention the increased functionality. It folds easily and its lightweight setting ensures that you can fold it with one hand and get going when faced by an urgent situation. Desire ultimate control? Well, this stroller will provide you with sharp control and ease of maneuvering even through the tight spaces to ensure you get by quickly. As it is 3 wheeled with the front wheels having ease of movement, you get to utilize less energy in controlling the stroller ensuring you enjoy movements in all directions.

The B Safe 35 Elite child safety seat is workable and efficient in terms of protecting your baby from impacts. It has two layers of protection against side impacts guaranteeing your child a safe haven that is also comfortable. The major aspect of a child safety seat is usually its ability to protect the baby against impacts and the energy absorbing shell of the B Safe Elite is instrumental in shouldering all forces associated with impacts. it is made with a 5 point quick adjust feature that gives you the ability to seamlessly change the position of the seat and points of harness to ensure comfort of your baby.

The Britax Agile 3/ B Safe 35 Elite Travel System is an effective combination of seat and stroller that will protect your child and guarantee their safety and comforts while traveling.


Combine the safest infant car seat and the top-selling stroller from the #1 brand in safety technology and you get the
B-Agile 3/B-Safe 35 Elite, Britax’s best travel system.
• The B-Safe 35 Elite safeguards your baby with 2 layers of side impact protection; a deep, contoured energy-absorbing shell
and steel frame
• Safely installing your car seat is simple thanks to our easy center-pull straps and push-button lower anchors
• This travel system features a no-rethread harness and patented Click & Go technology and the stroller folds quickly with only
one hand so transitions are easy and swift
• The stroller’s lightweight, 3-wheel configuration with swivel front wheels gets you through any tight spots that come your way
• Includes car seat, impact-absorbing base, removable body pad and stroller

Product Weight (kg): 8.16 Product Weight (kg): Base: 4 | Shell: 5.2
Max. Unfolded Dimensions (cm): 58.4W x 103H x 98D Product Dimensions (cm): 45W x 63.5H x 67D
Folded Height/Length [wheels on] (cm): 73.7L x 27.9H Seatcmg Compartment Height (cm): 51
Seat Back Height (cm): 58.4 Seat Area Depth/Width (cm): 33,22
Seat Area Depth/Width (cm): 22.9, 27.9 Shoulder Width (cm): 25.4
Harness Slot Heights (cm): 24.1, 31.8, 38.1 Harness Slot Heights (cm): 14, 16.5, 20, 22.2, 25, 28
Buckle Strap Depth (cm): 10 Buckle Strap Depth (cm): 10, 15

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