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About Britax B-Safe 35 Elite Infant Car Seat

Never have children had a safety seat that has exquisite functionality and operational efficiency that is top class. The unrivalled state of the art technology utilized in designing the seat ensures that ease of use and overall comforts are captured seamlessly. The Britax B Safe 35 Elite Safety Seat is structured to have energy absorbing properties to limit the effects associated with direct and unplanned impacts. Curious to learn of the safety measures? Well, the seat has soft and comfort based padding that effectively cradles a child allowing the bay to rest without any risk of fatigue.

What sets this child safety seat apart from the rest in the market is the side impact protection feature installed in the seat. Crash forces are not exclusive to the front and rear of the vehicle which is why it is important to protect your beloved child from side impacts which are often ignored. On limiting the effects of impacts, the Britax B Safe 35 Elite Safety Seat has a 5-point harness setting which evenly diffuses the inertia force associated with crashes and accidents. This leaves your child protected by limiting side movement and impact reaction guaranteeing safety and comforts in the process.

Asking yourself why this seat is the perfect one for your child? Check out the center pull straps and anchoring features which not only limit impact forces but also provide a stable seat without side movements. It is easy to install into any type of car and with an effective design, it proves to be space efficient thereby leaving your vehicle with much needed room while protecting your baby in the process. The beauty of the Britax B Safe 35 Elite Safety Seat is that it can be adjusted to coincide with the growth of your child while still providing top notch comforts.




SafeCell Impact Protection is an integrated system of safety components that work together to protect your child beyond the established standards. Including our Impact Absorbing Base, Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame, and Complete Side Impact Protection PLUS, SafeCell means your child is surrounded in best-in-class safety.

SafeCenter LATCH Installation provides simple, convenient car seat installation through the use of easy center-pull straps that cinch down quickly.

Quick-Adjust Harness grows taller with your child at the push of a button ensuring a proper fit without needing to re-thread the harness straps.

Premium Fabrics with Plush Foam Padding surround your child in comfort.

Easy-Remove Cover pulls free of the car seat for convenient cleaning without having to remove the harness.

Made in the USA with global components



Product Weight (lbs): Base: 9 lbs | Shell: 11.5 lbs

Product Dimensions (in): 17.75W x 25H x 26.5D

Seating Compartment Height (in): 20

Seat Area Depth/Width (in): 13, 8.75

Shoulder Width (in): 10

Harness Heights (in): 5.5, 6.5, 8, 8.75, 10, 11

Buckle Strap Depth (in): 4, 6

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