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Britax Frontier Clicktight Child Safety Seat


Make your child comfortable in all your travels by utilizing Britax Frontier Clicktight Child Safety Seat. it is designed with a head restraint that limits the forward thrust usually experienced with unexpected impacts. Why go for this seat? Well, it has been made with energy absorbing foam which not only keeps your baby comfortable especially with long distances but also ensures the baby is cushioned during impacts. This is fundamental in reducing fatigue in children while also capitalizing on rocking them to sleep when cruising. This seat is exactly what you need when you are of the idea of providing your child with a cozy position to rest and enjoy the drive.

As a seat tuned for the safety and protection of children, it is fitted with side impact protection which guarantees your child is protected against hit contact from the sides of the vehicle. The seat is fitted with integrated steel bars which strengthen the connection between the safety seat and the vehicle to insulate a child from potential impact while also providing increased stability. An added convenience you will enjoy with the Britax Frontier Clicktight Child Safety Seat is the buckle system with harness which gives you the ability to secure your child with added stability. A peculiar advantage that your child will absolutely love are the armrests which provide a unique feature for children as well as providing extra padding for the sides of the seat.

The functionality of the Britax Frontier Clicktight Child Safety Seat just gets better with the 5-point harness setting that distributes crash forces and ensures that your baby is housed in a safe padding that is able to absorb any impact. The advanced safety standards of this seat have received certification from the FAA which indicates compatibility for users looking to travel via aircrafts.

Measuring Guide Weight (lbs) Seated Shoulder Height (in) Standing Height (in)
2 years &
25, up to 90
12.5-20.5 30 –58
Booster 40 – 120 15-23 45-62



The Frontier ClickTight is a top-selling seat that pairs an extra layer of side impact protection along with the super-easy
ClickTight Installation System – so you know your child is always properly secured.
• The ClickTight Installation System gives you the safest and easiest installation every time so you can be certain your
loved one is safe
• Safeguards your child with an extra layer of side impact protection, an impact-absorbing base and steel frame
• Easily adjusts with the push of a button – no need to rethread the harness
• Wraps your child in comfort with premium padding and fabrics
• Includes removable harness padding



Product Weight (lbs): 25
Harness Min (in): 19W × 28H × 21D
Harnessed Max (in): 19W x 36H x 21D
Booster Min (in): 19W x 28H x 21D
Booster Max (in): 19W x 36H x 21D
Seating Compartment Height (in): 23.5
Seat Area Depth/Width (in): 13.5/ 12
Shoulder Width (in): 15.5
Harness Slot Heights (in): 12.5/ 13.5/ 14.5/ 15.5/ 16.5, 17.5/ 18.5/ 19.5/ 20.5
Buckle Strap Depth (in): 7.0, 9.0

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