Collection: Chus Toddler and Kid Shoes

Chus Canvas Toddler and Kid Shoe

Authorized Dealer of Chus Shoes are the perfect gift you can buy your child. This pair of shoes is a limited edition designed in Spain and masterfully tailored with eccentric and exotic stylistic touch. It is made of a super soft material which is moist and odor absorbing to ensuring that the child's feet remain fresh and dry all day long. It is a phenomenal product of art that is finely crafted with sensitive skin friendly materials that keep the child warm and healthy. Some styles of Chus shoes can be monogrammed.

Balanced with comfort and ready to play, this remarkable shoe fits easily and perfectly to the child's foot. It is made of soft rubber soles that are machine washable. It is available in a variety of colors and in a full size small. This gorgeous shoe is a soft lightweight made to offer strong support to all babies and toddlers.

Available in the Chus Athena Collection and the Chus Chris Collection