Collection: Copper Pearl Premium Burp Cloths

Copper Pearl Premium Burp Cloths

When it comes time to burp your child it can be difficult to stop burping time from turning into bath time, but that’s where the Copper Pearl Premium Burp Cloths comes in to save the day. Copper Pearl's standard of high quality materials combined with a fashionable design handle baby spit up in a whether big or small. The trendy patterns and great design of the cloths, a middle fleece layer backed with 100% cotton, provide excellent absorption, and when the job is done simply toss the cloth into the machine and cold wash. With a 21x10 inch the cloth provides maximum shoulder coverage to help prevent you from changing clothes often, and being cold machine washed insures a no hassle clean up. An essential for any new or established parent, the Copper Pearl Premium Burp Clothes is the pinnacle of burp cloth design making burp time a simple process.