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Why Dekor?

Good reasons why you should choose Dekor

Hands Free Disposal

The Dekor Diaper Disposal System makes disposing of diapers simple and hygienic using a truly hands free system. When using Dekor there is no more inserting, twisting or pushing dirty diapers into a dirty pail. Simply Step on the ergonomic pedal to open the lid and then Drop the diaper through the trap door and you are done!

Saves Your Money

You could possibly change your baby’s diaper over 5000 times in the next few years, so why not use a diaper pail designed to save you money on each of those changes? Dekor uses less of the refill per diaper than anyone else on the market meaning you will purchase fewer refills to do the same job.

Keeps Smell in the Pail

Dekor has a unique, three part approach to odor control, starting the sealed, Magik™ trap door. This door allows the diaper through then quickly re-seals to keep odor from escaping. The lid of the Dekor itself is a secondary seal for double protection against odor. The powder-scented refill is the third line of defense to keep smells where they belong.

Holds a Butt Load of Diapers

How much is a butt load anyway? Once you start changing diapers, you may have a better idea of just how many a butt load and just how important capacity is. The Dekor pails hold more diapers before needing to be emptied compared to the stated claims of our competitors.

Our Plastic Won't Smell!

Other diaper pails made from cheaper plastic actually start to smell like diapers over time. That doesn’t happen with Dekor because we use ABS plastic, a durable, odor-proof plastic that doesn’t turn yellow. It is used in protective head gear, medical equipment, and it is what Lego building blocks are made of. It costs a bit more to do so, but our pails last forever and they don’t smell.

Use After Diapers

Dekor Plus doesn’t go out with the trash once you are finished with diapers. Just pop out the diaper insert and use it in the bathroom, kitchen or garage! Some owners use the Dekor pail as a convenient and odor free way to dispose of soiled kitty litter.

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