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DockATot for a Comfortable and Snug Environment

Designed for a variety of activities, the DockATot can be used for lounging, resting, playing, or snuggling. Portable and multi-functional, the DockATot creates a cozy and nurturing environment for your baby. Mimicking the environment of a womb, the luxurious product provides an array of benefits.

Enhanced Development

Offering a comfy place for your baby to rest, the DockATot keeps your baby happy during its earliest years. Key to healthy development, sleep is important to the overall wellness of a baby. Nestled in a plush cocoon of cotton, your baby will benefit from the highest quality sleep possible.

High-Quality Design

Rigorously tested and checked for compliancy with federal and U.S. laws, the DockATot raises standards for baby loungers to a higher level. Made with machine washable, 100% cotton sheets, the product boasts unmatched durability. Creating a soft and snug environment for your baby, every detail of the lounger ensures comfort, breathability, non-toxicity, and convenience.


Delicate and thin, baby skin absorbs what is put on it at a higher rate than adult skin. Certain fabrics can irritate and absorb into a baby's skin. Fabrics containing PVC's, synthetic fibers, or petrochemicals can be absorbed into skin. Linked to immune disorders and behavioral issues, fabrics containing these types of chemicals should be avoided.

Working to protect your baby and their delicate skin, the DockATot is made of 100% cotton. Toxin-free, the lounger has undergone rigorous testing confirming all fabrics used are free of any harmful substances. The high-quality design and fabrics used offer unmatched care for your child's fragile skin.

Long-Term Usage

In addition to providing a comfy place for your baby, the DockATot can also be used for toddlers. Helping your child transition through the first few stages of life, two sizes, ranging from 0-36 months, are available. Both the grand and deluxe editions are created using the same design and luxurious, toxin-free cotton fabric.

Emphasizing comfort and happiness, the simplicity of the DockATot reflects the simplicity of childhood from the baby stage to the toddler stage. Forming an attachment to the safe place provided by the lounger, your baby can continue benefiting from the product through their toddler years. Created for long-term use, the lounger is built to be a dependable respite throughout your child's early life.

Unmatched Durability

Easy to clean, the DockATot is made with durable components. The 100% cotton fabric is machine washable. Created to be used by both babies and toddlers, the lounger is designed to endure through spills, spit-ups, and other common occurrences. Dependable and easy-to-use, this baby lounger will be a permanent fixture in your child's early years.

A multi-functional product, the DockATot offers a safe and secure place for your baby to relax, sleep, rest, etc. Portable and easy to clean, a DockATot can be used at home and away from home. Providing a variety of benefits, investing in this expertly crafted product ensures the healthy development and happiness of your baby.

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