Collection: Globber Evo 4 in 1 Lights Scooter

Globber Evo 4 in 1 Lights Scooter

The Evo 4in1 lights is an all in one product that contains multiple modes. The Evo 4in1 lights offer walking bikes, ride-on, and scooter mode that enables you to transform throughout the different phases of your kid.

Besides, Evo 4in1 lights contain an LED battery-free front-wheel light-up scooter that enables the wheels to flash in green, red, and blue.

Moreover, Evo 4in1 lights have a two and 3-height adjustable seat and scooter, respectively.

Your kids can continuously use this Evo 4in1 light scooter from the age of 15 months up to six years and more. Those kids between 15 and 36 months can use a 20kg bike while those above three years are recommended to use a 50kg light scooter.

The light-up scooter for kids has LED wheels that are battery-free due to the wheels' core integrated dynamo lighting.

The adjustable 2-height seat offers your child maximum comfort because it presents two different seat heights. The Evo 4in1 lights have a 67.5 to 77.5 am 3-height T-bar.

Additionally, the screw-less design allows your child to adjust and adapt quickly between modes. With a simple button click, you can transform the scooter between modes. To either insert or remove the removable seat and T-bar, you are only required to hold on the red button.