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Globber Go Bike Toddler Balance Bike

The Globber Go is a bike for toddler kids. It is adjustable, 3-height, and contains a comfortable seat and a 2-height T-bar that is also adjustable.

Moreover, the Globber Go toddler bicycle has EVA foam tires that are highly resistant with composite rims designed to offer kids puncture-free cycles.

Besides, the TPR seat for balance bike comes with a handle design that is ergonomic to enable easy and secure carrying of the GO BIKE.

Additionally, Go BIKES have adjustable and compact balance bikes for children aged two years and above.

The adjustable features on the GO BIKE offer maximum usage and allows your kid to grow with the bike through the two and 3-height adjustable T-bar and seat, respectively.

The GO BIKE contains an innovative design that does not require a carry strap. The seat for the balance bike for kids is innovative and exclusive. Besides, it entails an integrated handle to enable secure carrying of the bike after use.

It has robust components that increase its durability. The GO BIKE contains a steel frame and pedal-less two wheels that are incredibly sturdy.

The bike's T-bar front is also available in reflective print design to ensure the safety of the kids when using it outdoors.

With GO BIKE, you have a wide range of varieties to choose from because it comprises of 11 designs. You can easily find the perfect preference for your kids.

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