Collection: Globber LED Elite Deluxe Lights Scooter

Globber LED Elite Deluxe Lights Scooter

The handlebars and wide deck of this scooter are color. The two front wheels are filled with LED lights that flash in red, blue, and green that are not battery operated. The front deck can light up as well. The faster the speed, the brighter the LED lights appear. The height adjustable T bar can be set from 67.5cm to 83.5cm and it is fit for kids aged 3 and up. The scooter can hold up to 110lbs(50kg). There are three wheels and a rear brake that enhance safety and smooth riding. The ergonomic handlebars are easy and comfortable to grip, ensuring safety when in use. The front wheels can be locked into place which is helpful for beginners. When the wheels are unlocked, as the rider's weight shifts from left to right, the scooter accompanies their shifts, allowing them to gain and maintain balance. It folds easily by pressing the grey button near the end of the T bar. The T bar then folds directly over the wide deck of the scooter making it convenient to store or carry.