Collection: I Play I Learn Animal Hopper Ride on Inflatable

I Play I Learn Animal Hopper Ride on Inflatable

  • High Quality: Have plush fabrics surfaces with non-woven fabrics and superior cotton. The inside is made from a soft, eco-friendly, and extremely durable rubber. They are also secure for use by kids because they are environmentally friendly. Besides, they develop the coordination of the eye and the hand and they encourage active play.
  • Non-toxic Rubber: the CPSC accepted third party laboratories tested this toy and it passed all the inspections.
  • It is a great Christmas present or birthday party gift for unisex, boys, baby infants, girls, preschoolers, and toddlers. There are more styles and colors to allow toddlers to distinguish animals easily, and therefore, it is a substantive learning resource. The toy enhances balancing, creativity, and skills coordination, and gross motor talents.
  • It is a stable and bouncy 4-legged Hopper: It allows easy inflation because it enables you to unplug the inserted air stopper from the horse belly hole. You can also insert the pump's tip and inflate the hopper to the desired size. Lastly, it allows you to put back into the hole the air stopper quickly. Besides, the Hopper contains extra-long ears to allow relaxed grasping and has a proper height to nurture the coordination and balancing skills.
  • Kids love colorful designs and they quickly learn to bounce forward and sit while developing coordination and balancing. The Hopping Horse offers you variety since it has four designs and multiple colors. The Hopper Horse comes in yellow, brown, pink, white, and black colors and Horse, Zebra, Dog, and Cow designs. The Hopper Horse Ride promotes the health needs of your child as they facilitate healthy exercising, joy, and fun. Besides, kids can develop their imaginations by playing in the living rooms, lawns, nursery schools, patios, and kindergartens.
  • Time to let out the animals: It is more of a real-life on buddy inflatable ride that will please your kids. It is usually easier to use because it requires you to just inflate and grasp the easy and long ears. They are appropriate for summer vacation, spring touring, outdoor play, and autumn sports. Kids below two years should be under supervision when using this toy.