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Kreative Kids Plush Animal Roller Bag

Your child will absolutely love the Kreative Kids Plush Animal Roller Bag as it is extra spongy, cuddly, and cozy. The roller bag is made of excellent material that is smooth on the skin. You can remove the wheels and have the child wear the bag as a backpack at any time. The Kreative Kids Plush Animal Roller Bag is so appealing that your child will immediately get attached to it. Not only is it brightly colored, but it also has a special design that will make your kid the envy of other kids. The roller bag is suitable for when the child is going to school, traveling, going for a sleepover at a friend's place and many other places. You will be surprised how much the kid will love the bag to the point of wanting to go with it everywhere. The roller bag locks on the two sides of the handlebars, making it secure enough for the kid move around with it. The Size is 14"x10"x6"

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