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Little Fawn 3 pack Muslin Waterproof Burp Cloths

Little Fawn burp cloth is the best burp cloth for your sweet baby since it has been made by loving moms and fathers. They are designed to make the baby comfortable by using cotton fabric which cannot harm even the most sensitive skin. It is also great for babies with reflux.

100% Premium Cotton Muslin Front
Supremely absorbent, durable, and uber-cute are the three words that define our burp cloths. They are designed to keep the baby as comfortable as possible. They are made of 100% cotton, thus safe for babies with the most sensitive skin.

Absorbent 8-layer muslin & waterproof layer
With this product, you no longer have to worry about leakage. Our burp cloth contains 8 layers of muslin designed to absorb your baby's spit ups to help keep their cloth dry. The first six layers provide sufficient absorbency that traps the spit-ups before reaching the waterproof barrier that separates the bottom two layers.

Oversized 24" x 13" with drip pockets 
This burp cloth is designed to fit comfortably around the baby's neck and stay longer. It comes in 24x 13 inches in size, which is big enough to cover a vast portion of the back and front of your baby. It also has drip pockets on the front part to trap the spit-ups that can soil the baby's cloth as well as the floor.

High-quality fabric and stitching 
Our burp cloths are made using high-quality materials because we believe that every baby and mom deserves only the best. The cotton muslins come pre-washed and therefore get softer as you continue washing them. They are also double stitched to make versatile and retain their shape even in the washer or drying machine.

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