Collection: Madame Alexander Newborn Nursery

Looking for a doll that looks and feels like a real baby? Look no further than the Madame Alexander Doll Newborn Nursery Nurturing Baby Doll! The Madame Alexander Collection introduces the Newborn Nursery to their critically acclaimed lineup of baby play dolls. This is the perfect doll for your child to pretend being a little parent! The Newborn Nursery dolls are 19” and feel so real, thanks to the soft, weighted fabric body. They also feature beautiful classic Lee Middleton sculpts. Encouraging nurturing play, this is the perfect baby doll for your child topretend being a little parent! Ages 3+. Each doll is expertly made to look realistic and lifelike. Most people will not be able to tell if the doll is real or not from a distance. The dolls are also specially made to feel like the real deal when holding them in your arms. Truly, these are one-of-a-kind dolls, worthy of a spot in any collector's home! Alexander Doll authorized dealer

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