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The Original Miracle Blanket

The Miracle Blanket® Infant Swaddler is intended for use with babies up to 14 weeks old. Swaddling provides the infant with the sense of well-being and safety. They are snugly wrapped in a receiving blanket in the hospital nursery. It is likely that new parents are instructed how to do this before leaving the hospital.

However, using a receiving a blanket to swaddle an infant requires patience. This is where the Miracle Blanket® rescues parents. The blanket is uniquely designed for ease of use, making swaddling babies simple, even in the dark. The soft blanket has a foot pouch and arm flaps, which enables creating a snug fit.

To use the Miracle Blanket® simply open the blanket and lay to baby down on his back, slide the feet into the pouch and tightly wrap the arm flaps around the infant's body. It is important to securely wrap the baby but avoid touching the baby's cheeks with the blanket as this might prompt rooting, which may cause him to wake.

The greatest benefit of swaddling an infant is the baby will sleep better and longer, thereby allowing parents the sleep they need. Babies who are swaddled should always be placed on their backs. Using the Miracle Blanket® will keep the baby from turning over, which normally wakes them.

If the infant prefers to have his feet loose simply skip using the foot pouch and continue wrapping the arm flaps.

The Miracle Blanket® swaddling blanket is made of ultra-soft 100% cotton and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

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