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Comfortable Miracle Wear Adjustable Bodysuit Short Sleeves

Newborn babies come in different shapes and sizes – and some grow rapidly over the first year, while others take their sweet time. Happily, this Miracleware adjustable baby bodysuit is designed to fit them all. Regardless of growth spurts, you'll get up to 6 months of use per size. It's made of certified organic cotton (in a rainbow of colors and delightful patterns) that just gets softer with every wash. The suit features rows of snaps that fit over bulky diapers and can be adjusted to “grow” with baby. Elastic side panels move and flex as babies get more active. And the adorable short sleeves of this Posheez suit are also adjustable. Sturdily made and designed with your infant's comfort in mind, this baby bodysuit is guaranteed to outlast similar products in this market. Posheez are popular for a reason. Miracleware knows that if baby feels good, parents do too.







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