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Naturepedic Mattress Company
Welcome to Naturepedic, an organic mattress and bedding company founded by parents, grandparents and scientists. Naturepedic understands the potential harm that can come from toxic chemicals and is committed to providing safer and healthier mattresses and bedding accessories for our children and planet. Give your baby a healthier tomorrow by removing harmful chemicals today.
Naturepedic specializes in natural and organic baby crib mattresses and bedding.
A natural and organic baby crib mattress is the first step toward a healthy crib environment for your baby. Crib safety goes beyond wood and bolts. It requires
a natural and non-toxic crib mattress as well.
Promotes baby health and safety by eliminating potentially harmful chemicals
Features certified organic cotton and environmentally friendly materials
Provides non-toxic fire protection and waterproofing
Loved by parents, physicians and independent evaluators
Made, tested, and certified in the U.S.A.
You've heard of organic vegetables and milk, but what on earth is an "organic mattress"?
The term "organic mattress" is not a legally defined term. Technically speaking, there is no such thing as an organic mattress since a mattress is not an agricultural product. Howevever, it has acquired a general meaning in the marketplace which implies the elimination of potentially harmful chemicals in favor of organic and non-toxic materials.
Just as an organic carrot is grown without harmful chemicals, Naturepedic mattresses are also constructed without harmful chemicals while utilizing organic cotton extensively (the filling material and, in most cases, the cover of the mattress as well).
Naturepedic follows the precautionary principle and strives to eliminate all questionable materials. In comparison, there is credible scientific evidence that conventional materials such as polyurethane foam and vinyl/PVC "off-gas" or release questionable chemicals over time. Some chemicals in conventional mattresses have already been, or are in the process of being banned.
Are "organic mattresses" really healthier?
Well, quite simply, yes. Naturepedic mattresses use organic and other non-toxic materials instead of the potentially harmful chemicals found in conventional mattresses. In particular, Naturepedic products undergo rigorous third party testing and pass strict Greenguard certification standards for eliminating chemical off-gassing

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