Collection: NUNA Pipa Infant Car seat

Nuna Pipa Infant Safety Car Seat Features

Infant car seats are a great asset to you and your family. You never know when company will come around and you may have to take off somewhere. Not all car seats are easy to deal with. Most will give you a hard time. And you don’t have the time to mess around with bulky, unwanted car seats. The good news is you can get a better one. The Nuna Pipa Infant Safety Car Seat in many fashion offers an affordable price and it will give you what your child needs. Fabric colors available are Berry, Indigo, Jett, Graphite, and Night.

The Pipa line gives you the means to secure your baby in safety whether it's the daytime or late at night. The seat is easy to remove and put back in place. This model was built by research and science alike. It offers the baby comfortable positions and he/she will be very relaxed as nature intended them to be. Again, you can afford this product no matter who you are – even if you have to save up a little, it's worth every penny. Remember, Nuna has guarantees like none other.  
(Next we will be taking a look at specs. These are used for general purposes.) Weight capacity: 4 to 32 lbs. Height capacity: Up to 32"Product weight: 7.7 lbs (21.7 lbs with base). Product Dimensions: 18.1" H x 17.4" W x 26.1" D.