Collection: The Butterfly Swaddle

The Butterfly Swaddle

Wrap your precious little one in the comfort and innovation of The Butterfly Swaddle™. Designed with both baby and parent in mind, this swaddling solution offers a unique approach to traditional swaddling that encourages better sleep for your infant and more peace of mind for you.

Organic Comfort:

Our swaddle is a blend of ultra-soft, breathable organic cotton and silky bamboo rayon—a fabric derived from natural bamboo fibers. Each fiber is thoughtfully chosen for its gentle touch on delicate skin, ensuring your baby enjoys the snuggest and most soothing sleep experience.

Innovative Mesh Butterfly Wings:

The patented butterfly wings, crafted from a soft mesh fabric, are a standout feature that sets our swaddle apart. They provide a gentle resistance to the startle reflex which can disrupt your baby's rest, without restricting movement or comfort.

Silent and Secure Wrap:

The swaddle wrap incorporates a silent closure which is designed to be both soft and unobtrusive. It seals quietly, ensuring that your baby’s sleep remains undisturbed during any nighttime checks or adjustments. Additionally, the 4-way stretch gives it the flexibility to securely fit any baby of 0-3 months.

2-Way Safety Zipper:

This innovative zipper design allows for quick and easy diaper changes without unwrapping and waking your baby. The safety cover at the top of the zipper ensures that baby’s delicate skin stays protected against any accidental pinches.

Easy Care:

Maintenance is simple with The Butterfly Swaddle™. It includes a mesh laundry bag to protect your swaddle during washing. Adhere to the washing instructions for a care routine as gentle as the fabric itself—and if lint builds upon the closures, a quick swipe with a lint roller or tape is all you need to keep it clean and functional.

Bring home The Butterfly Swaddle™ today and transform sleep time for your baby. Drift into a world of comfort, convenience, and sweet dreams.

Care for your little one with The Butterfly Swaddle™, where innovation meets comfort to assure your baby—and yourself—a tranquil night’s sleep. 🌙✨