Collection: WubbaNub Pacifier Holder

WabbaNub Pacifier Holder

The WubbaNub WabbaNub Pacifier Holder are adorable, soft, and the perfect baby pacifier on the market. The WabbaNub Pacifier holder comes in a variety of plush toys. The choices include the red dog, yellow duck, little lion, pink kitty, blue bear, pink bear, tabby kitten, monkey, elephant, little lamb, baby giraffe, longhorn bull, and baby dino. There is a plush toy WubbaNub pacifier for any baby. The WubbaNub pacifier are made with a Soothie, latex free and non-toxic polyethylene pellets. The plush toy animal is easy for any baby to hold and grasp, and keeps the baby from dropping or losing their pacifier.

The WubbaNub Pacifier Holder are so well made that they are being used all across the county in hospitals and NICU units. The pacifier WabbaNub is hand and machine washable, so parents can keep the plush toy clean and safe. The pacifier is fits securely in the plush toy mouth. Every newborn or baby under the age of six months will fall in love with the WubbaNub pacifier. They are bright, cuddly, soft, and hold the baby’s pacifier securely. If you know an expectant mother, and looking for the perfect gift for the baby, then the WubbaNub Pacifier is the perfect choice.