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Adora Charisma Baby Doll My Cuddle & Coo Baby CuppyCake

Adora Charisma Baby Doll My Cuddle & Coo Baby CuppyCake

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The Adora doll is a truly one-of-a-kind interactive doll that could revolutionize your child's playtime. The toy makes five sounds when the child plays to mimic a real-life child. The doll can cry, coo, giggle, kiss, and say, "momma." These sounds are crucial to your child's development and can even help your child achieve milestones faster.
What's even more fascinating about the Adora Charisma Baby Doll is that it can react to play using preprogrammed sounds. When it gets squeezed, the doll will cry and coo when the head is patted. If you get into a tickle game, the doll will release sweet, infectious giggles, leaving your child with a smile and a hearty laugh.

If you kiss the doll's cheeks, it will kiss you right back, and if you pat the head gently, you will get an adorable "momma." Regarding aesthetics, the doll does not disappoint either with realistic-looking eyes or lashes for days. Long curly hair and sweet chubby cheeks that encompass the sweetest doll lips make the doll almost look lifelike. The manufacturers did not hold back anything, adding a fresh baby powder scent, a cuddly body, and open/closed eyes.
With the Adora Charisma baby doll, your child can engage in nurturing play, and it is also the perfect birthday gift for children aged three and above. The doll also comes with removable clothes so you can play dress up with the doll.

Size: 15" Adora Doll
Dark skin tone/Brown eyes
Sweet, interactive doll
Open & close eyes
5 touch activated features
Soft, cuddly body & silky black hair
Lifelike baby powder scent
Sweet ADORAble face
Removable clothing
Batteries included
On/off switch enclosed in back pouch
Encourages nurturing interaction
Ages 3 and up