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Agio Grey Primo Viaggio Infant Car Seat by Peg Perego

Agio Grey Primo Viaggio Infant Car Seat by Peg Perego

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Travel in Style with an Infant

We are excited to introduce the newest member of our family, Agio Primo Viaggio Infant Car Seat by Peg Perego. Your child safety was our priority when we were designing the infant car seats. We have nicknamed the car seat The Nido meaning a nest in Italian. The Elegant 4-35 Nido integrates amazing features, which makes the design standout. Some of the features include

  • The Nido bases are made with strong load legs that can be adjusted up to ten different positions. Furthermore, these legs have energy management feature that crumples when the impact is high allowing it to absorb energy
  • An elongated Anti-rebound bar that minimizes impact force in case of rear collision and reduces rotation of the baby during a collision, therefore, securing the infant.
  • Extendable Pagoda that helps to keep the infant secure by protecting it from the elements such as UV radiation.
  • Dual Stage Cushion to keep the baby comfortable.
  • Adjustable headrest to keep them cozy

Agio  Primo Viaggio Infant Car Seat by Peg Perego, travel in style with an infant.

The New Generation of Protection for infant Car Seats
The Nido (meaning Nest in Italian) was built around the concept of PROTECTION
We are excited to introduce to you the newest member of our Viaggio family: The Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido, or just “Nido” for short. With the Nido, we are ushering in a new generation of protection for infant car seats. What do we mean by that? Read on to find out just what makes this seat stand out from the rest!

Protection from Impact Forces
1. Base with Load Leg
The Nido includes a Load Leg base that is adjustable up to 10 different positions. The Load Leg includes an Energy Management Foot that crumples during a crash, allowing it to absorb energy away from the baby. If the Load Leg can’t be used, it can easily fold into the base

2. Elongated Anti-Rebound Bar
The anti-rebound bar on the Nido base protects baby by minimizing forces in case of a rear collision.
With the Load Leg and Anti-Rebound Bar, the Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido can reduce the rotation caused by an accident by over 50%, giving baby the ultimate in protection and security.

Protection from the Elements
The Nido is outfitted with an extendable Pagoda Hood which keeps baby protected from all of the elements. The hood is UPF 50+, which means it blocks harmful ultraviolet rays. It includes a zipper that keeps the hood in extended mode, as well as mesh side netting for ventilation.
Their Own Nest of Comfort
Included with the Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido is our Dual Stage Cushion System, similar to the system used with our Primo Viaggio 4-35, but modified. The Dual Stage Cushion System works to ensure newborns have the best in their car seat by keeping their head and neck supported and bringing them closer to the harness. The cushions are outfitted with our Fresco Jersey material which is ultra-soft and breathable, keeping them cozy from their very first ride and many, many more.


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