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Aurora Wind Up Sleeping Comfy Bear

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Description of Aurora Wind Up Sleeping Comfy Bear

Having a bear as a child is something that is unforgettable and it’s something that a child can carry for a long time! When you have a comfy, fluffy bear that you can cuddle and snuggle up with it’s something that your child will love to have! This Wind up Sleeping Comfy Bear isn’t just a regular stuffed bear… it is 12” long and it also plays music! Yes… it plays “Brahm’s Lullaby” anytime you wind it up! It is a bear that is lying down with a blanket that is embroidered with either “Baby Girl” or “Baby Boy”. This bear is made by Aurora World and they are an industry leader in the world of plush animals! Aurora World is known for using top quality products and the quality control they have! They use the best of the best products and it’s no different for this Aurora Wind Up Sleeping Comfy Bear!

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