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Badger Baby Doll Pram

Badger Baby Doll Pram

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Strolling around with Badger Baby Doll Pram

You will be able to carry your favorite doll around while having a great time when you do so with this Badger Basket London Doll Pram! It is a great stroller that has an exceptional height and style that you will find in no other stroller! The spoke wheels are oversize and the great design of the metal chassis will give this stroller a smooth ride and it causes it to look amazing! The wheels don’t swivel and that makes it really easy for your child to be able to push this stroller around and makes it easy for them to stay on path as they are pushing it.

On the upper portion of the stroller you will find the canopy that is squared off… this section of the stroller is large and it also has a boot covered by fabric that will be great for your child to cover up their doll when it may be cold or windy and it gives them the opportunity to extend their pretending. The scooped style of the body of the stroller gives it a pristine and classic look of a traditional stroller and you will love it. You are also able to take the boot cover off if you want to… you can do that easily and it attaches back on just as easy for you.

There is bedding on the inside that is plush and soft… it makes it so realistic that your child will know their doll is comfortable when they are in it. It comes along with a set of bedding that includes a mat and a pillow that is stuffed. The handle on the stroller is also padded so whenever your child is playing with it they will be comfortable and able to play for a long time. This stroller will fit dolls that are up to 18 inches.