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Badger Basket Doll Crib with Two Baskets - Executive Gray

Badger Basket Doll Crib with Two Baskets - Executive Gray

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Badger Basket Doll Crib with Two Baskets - Executive Gray

Enlighten your toddler's nursery with the Baby Basket's Executive Gray Doll Crib! This double basket masterpiece can serve as the center of any baby's nursery. In fact, the addition of a doll makes it much simpler to enjoy playtime before nap time. A round of doll accessories are stored neatly and compactly under the play set in two baskets, making it convenient for your child's use. With these your child can learn to put together outfits right at her fingertips. Additionally, each basket is specially designed just for the tiniest of hands, so your baby can play independently for hours at a time. But you do not have to have the baskets for doll's clothing, as each and every accessory can be easily and conveniently stored on an open storage shelf, which can also be used to store other dolls. This will bring out the little mommy within, as she can proudly show off her prized dolls in their gorgeous attire. Additional padding is included in the doll's little bassinet, thus giving her the same comfort in slumber as your toddler would have.

This tiny gray crib offers intricate artwork that is relaxing and intimate, yet high scale, as it features tiny, adorable heart designs along with a full, fancy lining that is tied to the rails with gentle satin ribbons and is adjusted to fit along the crib's bottom. The gray color is gently offset by brilliant white bedding that can easily light up any nursery at any time. The crib is made of sturdy composite wood that has a non-toxic gray finish, and is complete with polyester bedding that can be removed and washed at any time. The beds are constructed in a way such that they can easily accommodate dolls up to 20 inches in height, and are even made for products like American Girl, My Life As, Madame Alexander, and Our Generation. They are even appropriate for other brand name dolls, such as American Girl Bitty Baby and WellieWisher doll sets.

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