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BassiNest Newborn Insert

BassiNest Newborn Insert

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Halo BassiNest Newborn Insert

Introducing the innovative BassiNest Newborn Insert, meticulously crafted to create a seamless transition for your newborn from the serenity of the womb to independent slumber in their HALO Bassinest. As parents, we understand that newborns crave the coziness they've always known; this insert is engineered to encapsulate that snug womb-like feeling that will guide your little treasure into dreamland.

Made for the HALO Bassinest

Exclusively designed for a perfect match with your HALO Bassinest swivel and glide sleepers, the BassiNest Newborn Insert is your baby’s bespoke sleep companion. (Note: Do not use with the HALO Bassinest twin sleeper or any other bassinet brand.)

Secure by Design

Projection of a safe space for your angel to snuggle is at the forefront of this insert's design. Your baby will rest on a firm, flat sleep surface atop the Bassinest mattress, ensuring maximum safety—this isn't a hammock but a haven.

Breathable Comfort

The insert's padding isn’t just plush—it's breathable. Crafted from soft, padded mesh fabric, it guarantees an optimum airflow, enveloping your baby in both comfort and security without hindering visibility into the Bassinest.

Easy Attachment & Care

Effortless to install, the sturdy hooks confidently secure the insert to the Bassinest, maintaining its rightful place even when you lower the side wall. When it’s time for a clean, simply detach and machine-wash for the easiest care routine imaginable.

A Firm Foundation

Unlike products that could rock or elevate your baby, the BassiNest Newborn Insert provides a firm and safe sleep surface, reassurance that your baby is sleeping as soundly as intended, without compromising support or safety.

For Infants Up to 15 lbs

Ideal for newborns, up to when they show the first signs of rolling over, the insert caters beautifully for infants weighing up to 15 lbs, ensuring usage from day one to several months into your baby's life.

Give your baby the comfort they need and the peace of mind you deserve with the BassiNest Newborn Insert. Remember, the best sleep is safe sleep, and with Halo, each night is softly secured.

(Product name: HALO Bassinest Newborn Insert; not to be confused with traditional bassinets or hammocks, nor is it an alternative to swaddling.)