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Berenguer Boutique 15" Soft Body Twins Gift Set

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Berenguer Boutique 15" Soft Body Twins Gift Set

These top of the line twin baby dolls come with a male as well as a female doll. Furthermore, these lovely dolls are convincingly realistic in appearance. Moreover, these state of the art dolls come with a plush physique that is soft and pleasant to the touch.

Additionally, these toy dolls have astonishingly and meticulously detailed realistic plastic arms, heads, as well as lower limbs. As a further illustration of the high level of attention to detail which went into making these first-class dolls, these toys also feature a working pair of eyeballs that open and close. This gift collection comes with a terrific set of two attractive pieces of footwear, identical infant bottles, a corresponding set of two pieces of stitched garments, a pair of color-coordinated blankets, and pacifiers.

At the same time, all of these great items come bundled together in a beautiful large gift collection package. Hence, this group of objects is the ideal gift idea.

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