Brand 44 Sky Pogo

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Sky Pogo Description

Wish your child would play outside more?  Entice them out into the backyard with the Brand 44 Sky Pogo. Let their imaginations soar as they jump, bounce and fly their way through the clouds!

The pogo stick has been a favorite among children for over a century. Just like rope swings, they are a part of our history. The Brand 44 Sky Pogo combines the best of both of these classics into an exciting toy that will thrill your child’s sense of adventure. Not only can he or she fly back and forth, but add a little push of the legs, and the bouncing fun begins!  Inside the pole, there’s a super powerful spring hidden. This is what gives the Sky Pogo its bouncing power. It can bounce up to two and a half feet without touching the ground.

The Brand 44 Sky Pogo comes pre-equipped with strong, durable rope for hanging. The sturdy seat can hold a maximum of 125 lbs. and features embedded LED lights that shine and rotate in fascinating patterns. Day or night, your child can enjoy swinging and bouncing to his or her heart’s content. The required 3 AA batteries are included. Some assembly is required, with the use of a wrench necessary. The Sky Pogo can be hung from a healthy tree or swing set. The strong, durable materials are intended to last for years of fun times.

Children were intended to play outside. Give them an incentive to hit the backyard with this Brand 44 Sky Pogo. The colorful pole is covered with bright, fascinating decals. The super strong seat lights up when turned on, giving your child a light show as he or she flies through the air or bounces up to touch the clouds. Combine the Brand 44 Sky Pogo with a healthy tree or tall play structure, and you may have difficulty getting your child back inside!

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